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[IP] Disetronic demonstrates GlucOnline

Yesterday, at the headquarters of Disetronic Medical Systems in 
Burgdorf, Switzerland I watched with excitement a demonstration of  the 
new "GlucOnline" continuous blood sugar monitoring system being tested 
on a patient and learned that field trials currently underway are putting 
together the various facets of a new system called "i-DMS",  "integrated 
Diabetes Management System".  Although still in its infancy this new 
technology is sure to have far reaching implications will, eventually, give 
"intelligence" to the insulin pump.

More information about the "GlucOnline" demonstration as presented for 
the first time at the annual conference of the European Association for the 
study of Diabetes (EASD) can be found under "Real-time continuous 
glucose monitoring" in the "Events and News" section on the Disetronic 
website http://www.disetronic.com

Disetronic said in a statement published 21 November 2000:  "With the 
development of the continuous blood glucose sensor GlucOnline and the 
integrated diabetes management system i-DMS, Disetronic is aiming at 
another quantum leap in diabetes treatment. The i-DMS device combines 
a glucose sensor for continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels with an 
insulin pump and special software in a device that, as a first step, monitors 
and displays blood glucose readings around the clock, warns the wearer if 
the level is too high or too low, and provides recommendations for the 
correct dosage of insulin. At a later stage the system should be able to 
administer the insulin dosage actually required by the body at that moment 
on a largely automatic basis and in permanent operation" 

Best wishes,
Frere Roy
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