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Re: [IP] Interesting day

Liz Davis wrote:
> Yet I
> (and everyone else involved in my life or care ) still expect ME to do my
> best to keep my blood sugars within my target range.  The problem is the
> feedback loop relies on unreliable mechanisms.  It's a lot better than
> testing urine, but a lot worse than ideal.
> It's the same problem we had in the days of urine testing, really.  How do
> we deal with the expectation of perfect results when the technology is not
> sophisticated enough to enable us to attain them?  I guess the difference
> is the expectation is much higher now, and it's a lot harder to fudge the
> results ;->.
> How do you all handle the problem?

Hi, Liz,

First question that springs to mind is, is it really all the others in
your life or is it YOU that expects perfection and is frustrated when
you don't get it?

As far as I'm concerned, your best is your best, and NOT to be confused
with perfect. Especially since there ain't no such thing as perfect,
short of a cure. 

I don't get perfect, and some days I don't even get "good". But I
divorced my emotions when it comes to BG readings -- it's information,
no more, no less. 

I don't LIKE diabetes, but I (mostly) accept that it's here to stay, and
I just have to take care of it. I don't like being symptomatic -- and I
hate the fact that the symptoms of both highs and lows take a long time
to go away.  I hate the fact that high BGs cause or exacerbate my
depression (which is REAL bad right now). 

But I don't punish myself. The most I do is wonder why -- if I went to
bed at 84 and woke up at 142, WHY? If I'm 250 four hours after lunch,
why? If I have a hypo, why? Sometimes I can figure it out, and sometimes
I can't. It's just part of the disease. So I let it go. 

Personally, I think that ALL of you that are out there dealing with
diabetes, regardless of age or type, should win a medal and be
congratulated -- it's just not easy! 
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