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Re: [IP] Diabetes Overcompensation

Pixie wrote:

 >>Arrgghhhh! I had a horrible visit at the endo's this a.m. This is the 
first time I've had a bad visit. My A1C was...get this...it's a diabetics 
fantasy..too low! a 4.4. But my endo was not proud of me, after downloading 
my meter, he stated I was inducing hypos too much  <snip>
Has any other punper just been so overeager to be "perfect" that they wind 
up hypoglcemic or close to it alot of the time?<<

Yeppers to that one, Pixie.  I have had trouble with overtreatment ever 
since I started using a bG meter.  In fact, one of the main reasons  I went 
on the pump was to reduce the number of times I woke up in bed with the 
paramedics whispering in my ear.  I haven't had that problem nearly as much 
once I started with the pump, but it's clear that I can still improve my 
control by letting up a bit.

At my last visit with my endo (who is exceptional, I must say), he looked 
over my numbers for the last month and suggested I bolus 1 unit less for 
breakfast.  This was quite unusual as he's not normally that 
prescriptive.  I thought this was way too much of a cut back, but since he 
did make the suggestion I made the leap of faith (with compromise) and 
started to bolus 0.7 less for breakfast, with great reservations.

To my great surprise, it's been smooth sailing.  My morning bG matches my 3 
hr post prandial almost to the digit. I don't test in between because I 
figure a higher than normal number over an hour or so won't make that much 
difference. I haven't had a low at 10:00 in the morning since I started 
following his suggestion.

I don't think I can really give you advice on how to relax about it, as I 
haven't managed to do that myself except for short periods at a time.  But 
remember that during the DCCT, which proved how tight control can prevent 
complications,  none or few of the subjects had an HgbA1c lower than 6.0.

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