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Re: [IP] support groups

On 22 Nov 2000, at 11:01, Melvin Abbott wrote:

> I went to a support group tonight that I help start.  It made me feel
> worse than before I went.  There was another pumper there she was a
> type2. I told her I some times didn't eat breakfast that was the wrong
> thing to say.  She said I had to eat breakfast because if I waited to
> eat  I would become more hungry and eat more making my blood sugar
> higher.  

I assume you've been skipping breakfasts off and on for quite 
awhile and therefore you have some history you can look back 
at.... what really happens to YOU?  

*DO* you eat more and send your BGs higher?  

Seems to me, this is very much a YMMV kind of thing.

All my life I've not been able to eat breakfast.  I eat when I *need* 
to eat.  I have NEVER been able to eat on a schedule.  Just can't 
do it.  It doesn't make *me* overeat later.  

That's what I mean by YMMV.  

I would take what she said as a warning of something to keep an 
eye out for, but not to worry about if it doesn't happen to me.

So what does *your* meter tell you?
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