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[IP] support groups

I went to a support group tonight that I help start.  It made me feel
worse than before I went.  There was another pumper there she was a
type2. I told her I some times didn't eat breakfast that was the wrong
thing to say.  She said I had to eat breakfast because if I waited to
eat  I would become more hungry and eat more making my blood sugar
higher.  My daughter was there she made thing worse by telling them I
was eating Brownie lites all the time.  I know this makes you gain
weight, but I thought freedom is what the pump is for.  I have been on
the insulin pump for two years and I know I don't know everything but
they made me feel like I didn't know what I was talking about.  My A1C
is 7.0 It went up from 6.2 I have been having some high sugars but I'm
not convinced that's what is doing it. I still eat good food and I'm not
over weight.  Just needed to vent thanks for listening.   Tammy
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