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[IP] Diabetes overcompensation

<<<< I am overcompensating for any bg's that are not perfect
around or under 110 at all times so I have to ease off. Has any other punper
just been so overeager to be "perfect" that they wind up hypoglcemic or
close to it alot of the time?>>>>

Welcome to my world!  My nurse jokingly teases me about how up tight I am, 
but from time to time, becomes quite concerned that I correct numbers that 
should not have been touched.  i occasionally force myself not to treat a 
150, only to check my BG every 15 minutes afterwards to see what's happening. 
 it was also pointed out to me recently at the eye doctor (lots of lasers 
over the years), that (and I'm sure this will be the most dumbed down 
explanation you've ever heard) that by keeping my numbers consistently too 
low, it prompts or creates accelerated cell growth in my eyes and this could 
lead to similar problems as too high bg 's do over time in the eyes.  Spot, 
PLEASE insert doctor knowledge here!  Anyway, I too have a very tough time 
refraining from over treating and running too tight of a ship.  if you figure 
out how to relax, please let me know! xo -Alecia
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