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Re: [IP] Diabetes overcompensation

> heh.  How do I get motivated to take a bit more risk in your
> direction?

You don't want my motivation- fear. I watched retinopathy, several
amputations and gangrene infections, kindey failure and various other
results of uncontrolled diabetes (my mother spent 30+ years in denial)
slowly make me an orphan. I overcompensate to prevent myself winding up like
her and to make her proud. I am determined to beat diabetes rather than let
it beat me. I'd not wish my source of motivation on anyone, but good health
and a long full life should be motivation enough:) Just bear in mind that
sugars in the normal for you range are the goal and don't push yourself too
hard. Diabetes control is like a sport, it takes practice to get the
technique down right:)

Good luck!

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