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Re: [IP] How soon pumping after diagnosis


It certainly makes pumping easier if you are comfortable with 
injections because you never worry about pump problems as long as you 
catch them.

However, while diabetes management (in my opinion) is an extremely 
complex and challenging task, mastering injections, for me at least, 
was one of the easiest parts.  So while I might agree that competence 
with a syringe or an insulin pen might be a reasonable prerequisite, 
say the level that one could achieve with a couple hours of training, 
I see no reason that "comfortableness with injections" needs to be a 
prerequisite for pumping.

The only prerequisite that I see as reasonable is that you have to be 
willing to do the work, both up front and over time.


>>  I couldn't agree more with the philosophy of giving people the
>>  option of pumping right at the time of diagnosis.  From the
>>  beginning, my daughter and I wanted her to pump.  Why?  Because it
>>  is the state of the art in diabetes management.  Also a better life
>>  style.  It is the direction that diabetes management is going, and
>>  we want to be ahead of the curve!  We had to wait 2 years after
>>  diagnosis before we could get the pump.  By then, we were tired from
>>  learning and mastering the MDI system.  Then we had to retool for
>>  the pump.  Why not capture that energy and motivation created by the
>>  shock of diagnosis and direct it towards the more progressive
>>  system?
>Hmmm.... I think it is important that MDI be learned and mastered
>before pump therapy. It is the primary backup method in the event
>that your pump fails for any reason. Even if the failure is simply
>that you run out of insulin, it is necessary that you be able to give
>an injection to get you by until the problem is solved. Clearly this
>only takes a few months at most to master, but it is a necessary part
>of being a "safe" pumper and I would advocate good MDI training for
>any child or adult contemplating immediate pump therapy after
>diagnosis. It is not enough to simply know how to give a shot to
>yourself (or child), but you have to be comfortable with it and
>willing to do it when and as necessary.
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