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Re: [IP] How soon pumping after diagnosis

>One doctor, who finally said yes, told me that the only problem you have to
>watch when starting pumping during honeymoon period is, that because of the
>usually small amount of insulin which is needed, a pump occlusion 
>alarm will be
>much later, which increases the risk of DKA. My Disetronic would have an alarm
>after 4 units (I think) of not delivered insulin. So if I need to bolus only 1
>unit for a meal, I wouldn4t get an alarm. But if I need 8 units for a meal, I
>would definately get the alarm. So, someone who wants to start pumping during
>honeymoon period needs to know that bg4s have to be monitored closely, even if
>bg4s are usually good. I think this sounds right.

There is no question that pumping requires monitoring.  So I agree 
that if you are not willing to monitor it and check BG's frequently, 
you should not be pumping.

But if you are willing to monitor it, then low dosages are not a good 
argument against pump therapy.  The occlusion alarm is useless for my 
son who has a 0.1 basal rate.  However, if we were concerned about 
this, we could always dilute the insulin, so I don't consider this a 
good argument against using a pump during honeymooning.

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