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Re: [IP] How soon pumping after diagnosis

Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 17:34:06 -0600
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I have an Animas pump and I don't know the exact values for giving me an 
occlusion alarm, but it is a lot less than 4 units. I can set it to really 
sensitive and it has given me an occlusion alarm after delivering less than 
a unit. I have it on the higher setting and it still gives me occlusion 
alarms under 1 unit delivered on boluses. Actually my Animas seemed to be 
able to detect the tiniest of bubbles when I had it set on the most 
sensitive setting.

I'm still in my honemoon period to and have not had any problems. Actually, 
I think it is easier than MDI as sometimes I will have a kick I think of my 
own insulin and now I can adjust it quickly on the pump just temporarily 
turn down the basal, whereas on MDI I just had to eat a bunch of sugar to 
keep my bs up during those times.


>One doctor, who finally said yes, told me that the only problem you have to
>watch when starting pumping during honeymoon period is, that because of the
>usually small amount of insulin which is needed, a pump occlusion alarm 
>will be
>much later, which increases the risk of DKA. My Disetronic would have an 
>after 4 units (I think) of not delivered insulin. So if I need to bolus 
>only 1
>unit for a meal, I wouldn4t get an alarm. But if I need 8 units for a meal, 
>would definately get the alarm. So, someone who wants to start pumping 
>honeymoon period needs to know that bg4s have to be monitored closely, even 
>bg4s are usually good. I think this sounds right.

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