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[IP] Freestyle Monitor


I've used the FreeStyle Meter for about 3 months now and I Love it. Here are
some additional comments concerning your specific questions.

>Because finger pokes are much harder on our 9 year old than even the
injections are, we're looking into switching to the Freestyle Monitor, which
lets you get your sample from the outer forearm (a lot less nerve endings).<

Absolutely. This is the number one reason to use it. The meter requires
incredibly small samples. I am often amazed by the tiny size drop that
works. Also, unlike some other meter (the FastTake in particular) you
apparently can not accidentally get a false low reading from using too small
a sample. If the meter beeps and gives you a reading then it is accurate.
I've tested this  a least three times and never have I gotten a
significantly reduced reading because I "starved" the meter.

I routinely get my sample from the top of my forearm, but occasionally I
will also use a finger tip (if I have already dressed and don't want to
hassle with a shirt sleeve.

> Also, I'd heard from one person that the Freestyle measurement of bg lags
actual by 20 minutes (?possibly because of where you're drawing the sample
from) -- anybody heard anything about this?? <

I've heard this too but I can not demonstrate it and I have done comparative
samples (finger vs. arm) a number of times - no significant differences. I
think the original comment my have come in reference to a study comparing
glucose in capillary blood to that in intertissual fluid (which is sometimes
taken form the arm). This study, which I can not find right now, did show a
9 - 12 min offset between the methods. But as I said that was a completely
different method.

On balance I love the FreeStyle and will continue to use it. However for
your information here are some additional comment comparing it to the
FastTake Meter.

- FreeStyle does not have data download to computer. Promised REAL SOON NOW.
- FastTake Case is better - Smaller and meter can be used without removing
from case
- FastTake screen is a little easier to see
- Cost of strips is comparable.
- FreeStyle Beeps when it see the sample. Nice Feature
- FastTake strips a little easier to find (not much though).
- There is only one version of the strips for the FreeStyle (you don't have
to worry about being sold the older large volume strips like with the
- Measurement time is comparable.
- Meter size is comparable
- Meter memory is comparable.
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