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[IP] Diabetes overcompensation

Arrgghhhh! I had a horrible visit at the endo's this a.m. This is the first
time I've had a bad visit. My A1C was...get this...it's a diabetics
fantasy..too low! a 4.4. But my endo was not proud of me, after downloading
my meter, he stated I was inducing hypos too much and had gained too much
weight from feeding the lows. I had 7 hypos before dinner in 14 days and
hadn't even noticed any of the patterns. Only my fastings were in ideal
range 100% of the time. I had a 21% rate of hypos overall. So now he's
ordered me to restrict calories and with that, cut back insulin usage, which
is no problem but I really disagree with simply allow highs over 140 to lose
the weight. He claims I can't keep my metabolism doing this or I'll go splat
and injure myself. I am overcompensating for any bg's that are not perfect
around or under 110 at all times so I have to ease off. Has any other punper
just been so overeager to be "perfect" that they wind up hypoglcemic or
close to it alot of the time?:( I just fear D so much that I'm over
motivated, how do I get motivated to relax?

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