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Re: [IP] Painful insertions vs. injections

> In a message dated 11/21/00 6:07:01 AM Mountain Standard Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> > And the insertions are much more painful than the 
> >  injections. 
> Is this true in other folks experience, that the insertions are more
> painful than injections?  I hadn't hear this before and wonder if it
> is a common experience . . . or could it be that this is more common
> for little guys (a four year old, in this case) because they don't
> have much "meat on their bones" ???

Hi Lyndy,

Yes it can be a bigger problem for little guys. The instructions that 
come with the various sets are intended for adults with a little 
more padding than a kid. The MM SofSet and Micro goes straight in and 
if the tissue underneath is not thick enough, the set reaches down 
into muscle -- this can be painful. Likewise, the 
Silohette/Tender/Comfort sets come with instructions that say to 
insert at a 45 degree angle. This is way to steep for "little" and 
thin people -- better is 15 - 30 degrees. The latter infusion set 
seems to be the one of choice for kids and light weight or thin 
adults. It appears very intimidating because of the long insertion 
needle, but is really quite comfortable. Many on the list can give 
you quite convincing testimonials even though they are truly 

email @ redacted
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