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Re: [IP] high #'s

> I need some advice.  My 14 year daughter is having a terrible time
> with her 

> It seems like I keep raising basals and the numbers just  won't come
> down.  I can understand running high last week when she was sick. 
> But shouldn't her 
> #'s come back down now.  Also could the progesterone make her insulin 
> resistant.  I don't know if I should call her Dr. or what to do -
> although I am sure he wouldn't be of any help.  

She's at the age where there may be a growth spurt and a really large 
increase in insulin requirements -- you may see this several times 
with insulin needs fluctuating up and down. Stable for a few weeks or 
months then changing again. Just go with the flow and adjust as 
needed. It was very difficult for us to mentally adjust to the big 
insulin needs when it first happened with Lily. At one point she 
actually had a 2u/hr basal rate at night -- which made me very 
nervous !!!... but that's what it took to keep bg's in the proper 
range. I expect you will have a "taller" daughter next year this 
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