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Re: [IP] 14 year old athletic pumper

> I am Mom to a very athletic 8th grader who has been pumping 
> since August of this year.  Can anyone help with  our up and down
> BG"s after practice and games.  He is playing basketball now and
> will also play tennis in the spring.  We are experimenting with
> playing and practicing (about 2 hours) every day with the pump on
> and have also tried the bolus and take it off method.  Neither way
> works all the time..   He seems to have some unexplained highs after
> hard exercise as well.  Overall the pump has really improved his
> life but we are struggling with the exercise factor and being an
> athlete is key to his identity.  Thanks so much....Kyle's mom 

All of this is a bit tricky, different with each individual and prone 
to change from time to time. You will have to expriement to determine 
exactly what works best for each sport and for "hard" vs "easy" 
games. I've seen Lily's bg's be perfect after sports or..... 
immediately high or low ..... during or after a game. Careful 
monitoring will assist you in finding a pattern that will work most 
of the time. Checking at the one hour mark and correcting bg's 
somewhat will help. If he experiences a high after starting play, try 
a very small snack -- some crackers or half a power bar ++ insulin. 
This will make sure that blood insulin levels are adequate during 
exercise. If you expect a high after play, he can bolus a little 
extra at half time to compensate. It is not unusual for bg's to run 
low a few hours after hard exercise, so a lower temp basal rate may 
be in order for the following 4 - 8 hours. Usually a reduction of 
0.1u/hr works fine for Lily. 

Keep expirementing, you will find a formula that will work for Kyle. 
Just be prepared for some variation from time to time and for 
inevitable changes in the "plan".

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