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> Hello List
> Now, I'm really desperate. In the last 3 or 4 days, Eileen has
> gotten very high bg4s (480-500) on different occasions. 

I recall when Lily was that age there was a short period of time 
where her bg's shot up like that. After pulling out a lot of hair, we 
finally came to the conclusion that her insulin requirements were 
making a dramatic change -- up about 50% in a week's time frame. 
After talking with the doc who was guessing just like us, we upped 
the basals, re-adjusted her ratios and things calmed down. As I 
recall, her bg's did not stabalize completely for a month or so at 
which time her insulin requirements dropped back a little, but still 
much higher than they were before it all started. The following year 
she grew almost 4 inches!

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