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Re: [IP] Getting the flu virus

In a message dated 11/21/00 6:24:54 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< How does the flu affect Type 1's blood sugars? >>

I got the flu last year, even after a flu shot (no, I did not get any proof 
it was actually the flu, but it was mainly respiratory, high fever, lasted 
over a week, and my doctors also assumed it was the flu, as did my husband's 
(from whom I got it) doctor).  Once I had come to grips with what was going 
on, I had very good blood sugars -- on double my usual basal, hardly eating 

However, this year's flu shot, which I got yesterday, seems to be doing a 
real number on my numbers -- I have only raised my basals slightly, figuring 
it is not going to last (!??), but have done supplemental boluses every few 
hours for the last 24, including during the night.  I don't remember ever 
having this severe a reaction to the shot in terms of blood sugars (the arm 
is still real sore, too).

Linda Z
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