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Re: [IP] How soon pumping after diagnosis

I couldn't agree more with the philosophy of giving people the option of 
pumping right at the time of diagnosis.  From the beginning, my daughter and 
I wanted her to pump.  Why?  Because it is the state of the art in diabetes 
management.  Also a better life style.  It is the direction that diabetes 
management is going, and we want to be ahead of the curve!  We had to wait 2 
years after diagnosis before we could get the pump.  By then, we were tired 
from learning and mastering the MDI system.  Then we had to retool for the 
pump.  Why not capture that energy and motivation created by the shock of 
diagnosis and direct it towards the more progressive system?  The medical 
establishment is soooo slow and conservative.  If more nurses and doctors 
would take the time to learn the pump, they wouldn't be so resistant to it.  
The evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of the pump - vs MDI.  As they say on 
the "20/20"  show, "give me a break"!
P.S. Mimimed does a decent job of advocating for its product with insurance 
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