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[IP] high #'s

I need some advice.  My 14 year daughter is having a terrible time with her 
#'s lately.  It seems like she is never below 180 for the last few weeks.  
Last week she was sick with some sort of a viral infection - only symptom was 
a low grade fever and swollen gland.  Also she started taking progesterone 
November 1 for irregular periods. 

It seems like I keep raising basals and the numbers just won't come down.  I 
can understand running high last week when she was sick.  But shouldn't her 
#'s come back down now.  Also could the progesterone make her insulin 
resistant.  I don't know if I should call her Dr. or what to do - although I 
am sure he wouldn't be of any help.  

Thanks for any suggestions anyone might have.  

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