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[IP] 24 hr urine for microalbuminuria

Ask for the 24 hour urine.
I had microalbumin tests for years and they all came back fine. Went to a
new doctor who did the 24 hour urine. Came back with a 682, which is a
fairly high number. Somehow, it did not show in those microalbumin tests.
It is my guess that it would have gone even higher before it would show if I
had stayed with the other doctor who did not ever test with a 24 hour urine.
There are also some on the MHD group who say that the microalbumin is not
always accurate, does not give the true picture. I asked my doctor about
that and he agreed with that. I am having another one (24 hr.)and cannot
wait to see if pumping and ACE inhibitor Monopril 20 mgs are helping to
reverse that number.

no question, random urine tests are not good for this, you should have a 24 
hour test but true that is not all there is to the picture. some 
nephrologists like you to bring an ultrasound of your kidneys too when you 
come. When you have advanced diabetic nephropathy the kidneys shrink and 
become denser than normal. Other useful tests are 24 hour creatinine 
clearance and urinary sediment analysis. The most important thing to keep 
in mind is ACE inhibitors work in many cases just by keeping your blood 
pressure down Don't smoke, keep your blood pressure down and eat less 
protein. If you think daily insulin injections were awful you'll just love 
hemodialysis! spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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