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Re: [IP] Anyone out there pumping Regular?

I also cannot use humulog. I use velosulin in my pump and have not had any
problems. As far as basals my team helped me with them. Boluses I give
about 15
minutes before I eat because by the time food is actually consumed around
1/2 hr has actually gone by. If there is a high in between (which there has
been for me because I am on prednisone and am in a very serious lupus flare
a very high pain problem) I bolus according to a sliding scale. Many people
regular human R insulin in their pumps.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
Good Luck!
email @ redacted

At 09:38 PM 11/20/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi all:  Well, after about a month on the 508, still having troubles
>setting basals etc.  I seem to be even a little worse than I was on MDI,
>and am actually using more insulin than I was before.  The problem is I
>am allergic to Humalog, and cannot really use the stuff.  So I was
>wondering if any of you pump Regular Humulin (Lilly or Novo), and what
>different kinds of adjustments do you make with your pump?  Thanks.....
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