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Re: [IP] How soon pumping after diagnosis


When Trent was diagnosed 6/19/00, I joined this list immediately and 
asked the same question.  Someone from this list mentioned that they 
had seen a study that the pump can actually prolong the honeymoon 
period.  I our first meeting I mentioned this to the endocrinologist, 
and she was immediately receptive to the idea.  Her main concern was 
that someone would be able to do all the work for him, since he is 
only 4.  I insisted that I would do it, and we started the 
application process.

However, it still took over 2 months to get the pump due mainly to 
errors on the part of Disetronic in following through (they lost the 
paperwork once, people went on vacation, etc.)

The endo was right about the work.  It does take a lot of effort to 
use the pump, and I suspect that applying the same amount of effort 
to MDI could produce comparable results.  We have frequent problems 
with sites and tubing which sends his numbers higher than they ever 
went under MDI.  And the insertions are much more painful than the 
injections.  But when the pump works right it works great, and I 
would not consider going back to MDI.

There is definitely no reason to wait until after the honeymoon 
period.  Ideally, I think they should give you a pump at the hospital 
at the time of diagnosis if you are willing to do the work.

Tim, father of Trent, 4yo diagnosed 6/19/00 pumping 8/31/00

>I'm wondering how soon people can/should starting thinking about pumping
>after they've been diagnosed?  The only thing I've read said that it's best
>to waiting until after the honeymoon period, but didn't say why.  I'd love
>hear some of you pumpers experiences/opinions . . .
>Mom to Katie (9) Dx T1 11/8/00 and Jason (2)
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