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Re: [IP] Diestronic specific questions (starting on my own)

Hi Roselea!

Thanks so much for your kind reply.  I really appreciate it.  This helps
answer my questions and confirm some other ideas.

Thanks to you and the others I am now down to three short quetoins which
can be answered from my future experiences.  All these years I concentrated
on the diabetes management aspects of pump control and not the device

All the best to you!

>To answer your questions about the Disetronic H-Tron Plus:
>1.  Does the H-Trtonplus allow bolus dosage to be set to the tenth of a
>This can be done, but you have to send the pump in to be changed or your rep
>may have the modem to do this.  Contact your rep for more info.
>2.  Is there a way (other than manually changing the permanent basal rates)
>to temp. reduce the basal rate for more than 4 hours?
>This can also be changed the same as in question #1.  Contact your rep.
>3.  Does this do a square wave or not?
>No, temp basals can mimic a square wave.
>4.  The manual says ot not use in saunas or hot tubs.  yet many  of you
>have refered to doing this.  I am well aware of the temperature
>requirements of insulin and outside of this cavet; can I use this in a
>sauna?  Although it's been two years since my last sauna I would hope that
>one wasn't my last.
>I would disconnect for a hot tub.  I really don't know of any pumpers who
>take their pumps in a hot tub, most I've talked to disconnect.  The set may
>come unglued in the hot water also.  I would probably also disconnect for
>the sauna, same as a person with a non-waterproof pump would disconnect for
>swimming.  Check bg before disconnect, recheck after one hour or upon
>reconnecting (whichever comes first) then bolus to correct any raise in bg.
>5.  The manual keeps saying "refer to the instructions that came with your
>sets" and no instructions came with mine.  Do you get instructions?  Are
>ther any I can d/l?
>When I got my pump, there were instructions for inserting and using all the
>sets that were sent to me in the kit.  There are also printed instructions
>with each box of sets you get.  If you need instructions, call Disetronic,
>they can probably send you some.
>6. Also the manual mentions about setting up the cog wheel thing on the
>piston rod and no pictures!   Geeze!  I think i know what the text means
>but I'd feel better seeing pictures.
>In my Reference Manual (the big book) there are pictures of inserting the
>piston with the cog wheel on pages 15, 19, and 23.
>Hope this helps.
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Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
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