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Re: [IP] How soon pumping after diagnosis

> I'm wondering how soon people can/should starting thinking about pumping
> after they've been diagnosed?  The only thing I've read said that it's
> to waiting until after the honeymoon period, but didn't say why.  I'd love
> hear some of you pumpers experiences/opinions . . .

I was diagnosed in June of this year. I started asking about the pump in
October. I just started pumping two weeks ago. I was two weeks into my
honeymoon period when I started. I'm still honeymooning, but it is gradually
going away so I'm gradually adding to my basals. This was the first time my
diabetes educator started someone while honeymooning, but wanted to do it
because I had very good control before the pump. So far it has been very

I used to require about 50 units a day. When I started honeymooning I went
four days with no insulin. I've been gradually going up since then and am at
about 20 units per day now. I've had no problems pumping while honeymooning.

I've heard of insurance companies requiring a certain amount of time after
diagnosis...6 months to a year...mine did not require that. I've been
fortunate to have fantastic insurance coverage.

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