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[IP] type 1 and type 2

What is the difference between a Type 2 diabetic who
lacks insulin production and a Type 1 who is insulin resistant???
MC from CA PA

A type 2 diabetic produces insulin by definition but it is poorly utilized 
because of receptors for insulin are unable to bind it and internalize it 
into the cells or it does not attach properly to cells. However there is 
enough produced  to allow normal carbohydrate metabolism in the body so 
that ketones do not get made. In some cases the insulin is blocked from 
working because of fat which binds it. some research indicates problems at 
the signalling level where the signal to release insulin is not managed 
properly. A type 1 diabetic has no insulin which was a fatal illness prior 
to Banting and Best's discovery of insulin and Lilley's efforts to bring it 
to market. When Lilley realized there would not be enough beef or pork 
pancreas to meet the demand for insulin they engineered its production in 
genetically altered E.Coli bacteria and made Humulin. By definition no type 
2 diabetics are insulinopenic. Rare type 1 diabetics exhibit insulin 
resistance and may require  100's or even thousands of units/day this 
usually results from an alteration in body fat which promotes this type of 
resistance. It is not common but many endos and CDE's are aware of this 
possibility. Spot. still on .6 units /kg/day delivered unfailingly by Christine
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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