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RE: [IP] Employment 2

Hey Leslie,

Here's my take on the subject.  some of these comments have been already

Like it or not, we live in a world where prejudices and discrimination are
more than abundant.  As we all know, there are millions of people out there
that couldn't tell you the diffrence between diabetes and herpes.

It might not be the case at your next interview, or even the next one, but
the laws of probability dictate that eventually, you will most likely be in
a situation where you might have been offered a job, had you not volunteered
the fact that you are diabetic.

In my daily life, I make sure all those around me know about the disease,
but do it in a way that would be no diffrent than if I was telling them
about a hangnail.  "I'm diabetic yah know" or at a meal table "I better test
my blood.... oh, didn't you know I'm diabetic?".  I think that handling it
in such a way that it's absolutely NOT a big deal is the best.  this forces
people to accept it as the case, and they realize that it's not a big deal
for you, hence shouldn't be for them.

bottom line: Don't volunteer the info, but make it aware to everyone that
should know AFTER you get the job (ie: in the first week).

If you ever get questioned about the 5 minute breaks you need, maybe you can
trim your coffee breaks (if applicable), or take your things into the
bathroom.  I doubt anyone would say "Boy Leslie, you sure go to the bathroom
alot".  :)  I don't have this problem, so unfortunatly I'm not much help

Hope that helps.

Diagnosed at 3yrs old, 21 yrs ago
Trying to get a pump

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I was wondering how other people handle this.

Last year I had an interview for a job. This was way
before I'd ever considered a pump. In the interview I
told them I was diabetic and would need to take short
breaks. The job was at a library. The interviewees
said no problem, but I sensed something from them when
I told them I was diabetic. Maybe I'm imagining it. I
just wanted them to know up front that I would require
those 5-10 minute breaks sometimes. I was on HumulinN
at the time. I didn't get the job. I don't think that
was the reason,but made me reconsider my openess about
my diabetes at my next job interview.

What's the opinion here?
Do you tell your prospective employer right up front?
Do you wait to see if you get the job, then later let
them know?
It's not like we're required to tell them anything

Personally, now that I'm on a pump, I'm not going to
mention it in the interview.


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