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[IP] Re:24 hr. urine test

> Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 20:17:25 GMT
> From: "sue depinto" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] 24 hr. urine test
>urine microalbumin. Doctor wrote that kidney tests were
> normal.Is that enough or should I ask about a 24 hr. urine test?
>               Sue

Ask for the 24 hour urine.

 I had microalbumin tests for years and they all came back fine.  Went to a
new doctor who did the 24 hour urine.  Came back with a 682, which is a
fairly high number.  Somehow, it did not show in those microalbumin tests.
It is my guess that it would have gone even higher before it would show if I
had stayed with the other doctor who did not ever test with a 24 hour urine.
There are also some on the MHD group who say that the microalbumin is not
always accurate, does not give the true picture.  I asked my doctor about
that and he agreed with that.  I am having another one (24 hr.)and cannot
wait to see if pumping and ACE inhibitor Monopril 20 mgs are helping to
reverse that number.

I am saying that to you because I wish I had had a 24 hour urine several
years ago!  It isn't a fun thing to do but it gives a better picture of what
is going on with your kidneys.  What you know is what you can work at
fixing.  Don't like funny surprises of the sort I got.
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