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Re: [IP] 14 year old athletic pumper

I have a 14 year old athlete as well.  In general he keeps his pump on for 
all exercise.  The exception is swimming and wrestling.  Swimming, he doesn't 
swim more than one hour at a time so he boluses before going in and again 
when he comes back out.  Wrestling he has to take pump off at practice which 
is several hours long. so he takes his blood, put his pump back on boluses 
according and takes the pump back off in the middle of practice.  Sustained 
high exercise sports like basketball, running, backpacking, etc., he lowers 
his basal rate for the duration of the exercise with a temporary basal, 
sometimes ending it 1/2 hour before the estimated time the exercise will end 
if it has been several hours of exercise and he is worried about a low later.

About lows later, we found that if his exercise is in the afternoon, we 
changed his carbs rate at dinner (more carbs, less insulin) and checked him 
again at bedtime.  No lows at night after we got the hang of it.

As is always said YMMV as my son is still growing and in one of his growth 
spurts all can change again.

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