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Re: [IP] Diestronic specific questions (starting on my own)


To answer your questions about the Disetronic H-Tron Plus:

1.  Does the H-Trtonplus allow bolus dosage to be set to the tenth of a

This can be done, but you have to send the pump in to be changed or your rep
may have the modem to do this.  Contact your rep for more info.

2.  Is there a way (other than manually changing the permanent basal rates)
to temp. reduce the basal rate for more than 4 hours?

This can also be changed the same as in question #1.  Contact your rep.

3.  Does this do a square wave or not?

No, temp basals can mimic a square wave.

4.  The manual says ot not use in saunas or hot tubs.  yet many  of you
have refered to doing this.  I am well aware of the temperature
requirements of insulin and outside of this cavet; can I use this in a
sauna?  Although it's been two years since my last sauna I would hope that
one wasn't my last.

I would disconnect for a hot tub.  I really don't know of any pumpers who
take their pumps in a hot tub, most I've talked to disconnect.  The set may
come unglued in the hot water also.  I would probably also disconnect for
the sauna, same as a person with a non-waterproof pump would disconnect for
swimming.  Check bg before disconnect, recheck after one hour or upon
reconnecting (whichever comes first) then bolus to correct any raise in bg.

5.  The manual keeps saying "refer to the instructions that came with your
sets" and no instructions came with mine.  Do you get instructions?  Are
ther any I can d/l?

When I got my pump, there were instructions for inserting and using all the
sets that were sent to me in the kit.  There are also printed instructions
with each box of sets you get.  If you need instructions, call Disetronic,
they can probably send you some.

6. Also the manual mentions about setting up the cog wheel thing on the
piston rod and no pictures!   Geeze!  I think i know what the text means
but I'd feel better seeing pictures.

In my Reference Manual (the big book) there are pictures of inserting the
piston with the cog wheel on pages 15, 19, and 23.

Hope this helps.

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