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Re: [IP] Sof-set Ultimmate QR

On 20 Nov 2000, at 14:12, email @ redacted wrote:

> MM sent me samples of the Sof-set Ultimate QR but no information on how to 
> insert them without a Sof-serter? I am new at this and not sure how to do 
> this. I don't know what the rubber stopper is for or how to disconnect it. 
> Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kim and Sam. Pumping 2 
> months.  

rubber stopper?  Do you mean the blue "button" behind the needle, 
or the clear tube surrounding the needle?

If it's covering the needle, it's just to keep it sterile until you're 
ready to insert it.  You remove the clear tube before inserting.

If it's the blue button behind it, that's the end of the needle.  Once 
the set is put in and taped down (the tape with a hole in it), then 
you twist it a 1/4 turn and slide it back out, holding the wings firmly 
onto your skin at the same time.

I've never inserted it without the SofSerter (I'd faint if I tried to!) so I 
can't help with that part.
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