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[IP] Re: Employment

> Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 05:59:52 -0800 (PST)
> From: Leslie <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Employment
> I am an elementary substitute teacher right now,
> hoping for a full time position eventually.

> Leslie
That is my job now!  But I substitute teach grades k through 8.  I retired
at age 54 and now love to keep in touch with kids and teaching this way.

Last year, I began in September teaching grade 7 and Social studies to 6,7
and 8.  I had big time problems with highs and lows...unconscious hypos
(hypoglycemia unawareness)at night and some days I was in the 500's.  My
numbers were horrible and I felt so unwell so much of the time that I gave
it up.  Now, with my pump, I am sure it would be a different story because
things have been so consistent and I feel full of energy and about ready for
anything.  So, I go out teaching at least a couple of days each week  and
enjoy it.

It depends where I am if I test.  There is one school where, no matter what,
it just does not seem the place to test, somehow.  Just a feeling I have.
Anyway, I always know I can correct any messups when I get home.  But the
'messups' I have now do not even approach the horrors of last year!

In a 4th grade at one school there was a girl who recognized the pump when
she saw it...she is hoping to go on it soon herself and so I was happy to
tell her how much better it is than injections!  She tested several times
when I was there and I think she needs a pump  Her numbers were in the high
200's.  I hope she gets it.

Thanks to my pump, I am ready for kindergarten or Grade 8 and anything in
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