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Re: [IP] Places of employment - Long

> My most significant diabetes experience in the workplace was when I
> unwittingly hired another Type 1 to work with me at my first job (a
> that didn't start up).

I have a similar story. Between semesters once, I applied for a asst
managers postion at a scientific toy and nature type store and got it. The
staff included two hypoglycemics, a wonderful elderely woman with MS, a 15
year old who was born with one leg and one T1 and myself (at that time they
still considered me a T2). We were always taking care of each other and
loved our job, we allowed breaks as bg's and health required and none of the
customers ever noticed my testing, Missy's hopping on her crutches,
Pauline's cane and slow hobble, and how after lunch two of the employees
would get shaky and eat tabs that I kept by the register. It was the
greatest job in the world. Sadly, the company closed that store after the
holidays and we were all out of work. 10 years later, the crew still keeps
in touch:)

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