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Re: [IP] Places of employment - Long

I work as a technical writer in the SF/Oakland Bay Area.  My co-workers 
have mostly been not particularly interested in the details of pumping, but 
happy to learn about how to help when I'm low (and I'm not an easy person 
to help at that point!).

My most significant diabetes experience in the workplace was when I 
unwittingly hired another Type 1 to work with me at my first job (a startup 
that didn't start up). She and I had a lot of other things in common and 
eventually I found out that she had Type 1 diabetes also.  Then, when I 
left my insulin at home one day it was an amazing experience for me to be 
able to ask my coworker if I could borrow some of her Regular to take my 
lunchtime dose!  I don't think I had ever met another T1 outside of a 
doctor's office, clinic, or support group until that time.

Also, I showed her where I kept my glucose stash in case she should need 
it, and explained why chocolate was not a good treatment for low blood 
sugars. She was really happy that I did this for her.

It was really an amazing experience for me because it was my first feeling 
of having a community of diabetics outside of a clinical environment.  In 
fact, I don't remember having met another person with T1 diabetes outside 
of a clinical environment until that point (except my little sister--and 
you all know she can't count ;->).

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