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[IP] Re: Various subject

Wow, there have been so many good topics lately, I have comments on several
of them:

Older Type I's:  I'm one of 'em.  Dx at age 11, fighting the good fight for
32 years, pumping for 18.  Would never go back on MDI - I've tried, and hate
it.  I also remember the chem tests, and really hated those fiery orange
results.  I'm on my 5th (I think) pump, a MM 508, and have rarely had
problems with bad sets or sites.  Worst problems have been of my own doing,
usually from not changing sites frequently enough.  I also reuse the
reservoirs; I was told by a MM rep that they can be reused, just be sure to
move the plunger before refilling.  Just remember, YMMV.

Pregnancy:  I went on the pump on 12/17/82, and got pg on 12/21...asked the
doc if he was sure it was an insulin pump and not a fertility device!  My
A1c at the time was over 13%; brought it down to about 6.5 in four months.
Gained most of my weight in the first 5 months, then plateaued.  My daughter
was perfectly healthy at 37 weeks, 5 lb 13 oz, 18 inches long.  Her worst
prob was high bilirubin, corrected with the hospital bili lights.  She's 17
now...and no sign of any disease process.  I watch her closely.

Health Insurance:  I was with Kaiser for a long time when I was in college.
I've heard that Kaiser-Walnut Creek is pretty good; my experiences were in
Marin and SF, and they  made me sick, literally (had a serious kidney
infection that finally hospitalized me, but it took more than 2 months, a
102+ degree fever for 3 weeks, and a visit to the ER before someone took me
seriously; even had a PA who told me during a physical it couldn't possibly
be a kidney infection...the pain was "in the wrong place"; rather than a
uring culture, she did a urine glucose test and had the audacity to call me
to say, "we'd like you to come back for another test...you're spilling some
sugar").  Just before I bailed from their system, I finally found a doc who
would listen to me and work with me (i.e., didn't think he was God), but
I'll stick with private insurance.  I've had BC of CA for the last 7 years,
and have had absolutely no problems getting new pumps and supplies from

Kathy Fagan
dx 10/68, pumping since 12/82
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