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[IP] RE: pregnancy and pumping


Congrats!  You are in for a very exciting, if worrysome, time.  Here are my
thoughts on your questions:

1. Sites.  I got uncomfortable using my abdomen around 16 weeks.  Probably
psychological, but I did start showing early (needed mat. shorts by 9 wks)
and I noticed around that time that I was bruising very badly with abdomen
sites.  So I decided to abandon them.  I started out using my thighs.  Works
well, but I found that they tend to last only 2 days (as opposed to normal 3
days).  Probably because they are more muscular than my abdomen and I was
getting close to muscle.  They would just feel bruised.  Next time I try my
thighs, I am going to try silhouettes and the sofset micros to see if they
are any better.  I also trained my husband to do my sites as well.  He does
them when they are on my butt.  I made sure he did a few on my abdomen so
that he was comfortable doing them with me watching.  I didn't want to make
him fly "solo" right away.  Anyway it works well, really well, on my butt.
I usually get 12'ish sites on each thigh, and am hoping to get about the
same from each cheek.  My thighs are healing nicely and will be ready for
more punishment by the time I run out of butt sites.

2. Morning sickness.  I didn't have it that bad, but when I did, I would
just try to have some juice to compensate for what I estimated I lost
throwing-up.  If you know you tend to throw-up, then I would hold off on
bolusing until you know if it will be staying down or not.

3. Symptoms diabetics get more severly.  Nothing as far as I know regarding
morning sickness.  DBs are more likely to get preeclampsia and have big
babies (therefore be induced early or have c-section).  You will also have
more testing done, and lots more ultrasounds.  I am in my 7th month and I
think I have already had at least 7 ultrasounds.  If you want details you
can write me personally.

Try to relax and enjoy.  Trust me, it gets better once you are out of the
first trimester.

Ellen, edd 2/14/01
Minimed 507c since 12/98

-----Original Message-----
Well I just took a home pregnancy test and guess what, there is a new
member in the pregnant pumpers group.  My husband and I are both very
excited.  I must admit I am a little scared too.
     I do have some questions to women who have pumped through pregnancy
before.  Did you use you abdomen as a site? and if so was there any time
when you needed to stop using it?  I have never used any where else and
that kind of concerns me.  What about morning sickness?  How do I
calculate the carbs i am eating if they are not staying down?  Are there
any symptoms that we as diabetics get more severely?
     Thanks in advance.
Ontario, Canada
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