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Re: [IP] Employment 2

> What's the opinion here?
> Do you tell your prospective employer right up front?

Every job that i have ever had, which was many, i have alway told the
prospective employer that i am diabetic, that i will need breaks, and that i
may need to take a day off here and there for my doctor appts.

> Do you wait to see if you get the job, then later let
> them know?

If you are not going to tell them at the interview, i would definitely tell
them if you get the job.  They need to know, just incase something would
happened while you are at work.

> It's not like we're required to tell them anything
> anyway.

No, you don't have to tell them anything, but say you end up with DKA and
your in the bathroom being sick and end up unconcious, now someone is going
to find you and not know what is wrong.

Being diabetic or not, trying to find a job is very stressful and sometimes
difficult.  Employers can be very particular about the people they hire, and
eventhough they say they are not being discriminatory against someone, alot
of employers are.  It is against they law but it is very hard to prove that
you have been discriminated against.  I am still waiting for the day when my
husband tells me i don't have to work anymore!

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