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[IP] Re: Help with high BG's

Hi Eileen,

We went through a similar thing about a month ago.  Erica is a growing
girl, and I was compensating for that by increasing her basals.  That
worked well, but then we started seeing high numbers after a meal.  So,
we did the fasting basal thingy and actually reduced the basal for one
part of the day, the rest were great, but we discovered that her high
blood sugars were as a result of her bolus ratio needing a boost.  She
was 1:20 most of the day, but now is 1:17 for most of the day.  If Erica
misses one tenth of a unit of insulin, it raises her blood sugar approx
2 mmol.  With her big appetite, when she was bolusing for a large meal
she was missing quite a bit of insulin.  It made quite a difference in
her consistency.  She is growing like a weed, so we have to keep up with
her in the area of basal rates and bolus ratios.

Erica  is having one of those 'what the heck is going on' weeks.  Her
basals are increased from .9 to 1.1 in order to keep sugars in check.  I
know the basal is the culprit here because with the increase in basal
rate, her sugars after eating are great.  So, I sort of put this into my
'HORMONE HORRORS' file and ride it out.  I too did the site changes,
insulin changes, and a 7.2 pump test on her minimed to determine that it
was delivering properly.  The thing I worry about here is when her basal
rate has to drop back to normal again...if it ever does.  Oh well,
checks at 3a.m. are a necessary evil when dealing with basal or bolus
changes. Worth every minute of it!  I would hate to think what those
blood sugars would be like on MDI!  Erica would look like a pin cushion
trying to achieve the same control as we get from the pump!

Good luck on determining where they are coming from.  I am sure you will
solve the puzzle.

Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly!
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