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Re [IP] neuropathy

Sharon, I had a toe injury last year that became infected.  The 
redness had spread halfway up the foot.  My young doc, after 
consulting with an older colleague,  put me on antibiotics and told 
me to observe the foot carefully over the next few days. He used a 
decidedly low tech monitoring system---took a ball point pen and drew 
the outline of  the edge of the redness on the foot and told me to 
watch which way it moved.  Also use a soft dressing that should  be 
changed at least daily--keep it elevated when seated--avoid too much 
walking for a few days.   YMMV works for bacteria as well a 
diabetics, but keeping the dressing on for 2 weeks doesn't sound very 
wise, based on all the injuries I've had and seen over the years. 
You might want a second opinion on this from another doc.

<<<<<<<<I am sure that this has been discussed brefore, but this is a 
new situation
to me.  I have neuropathy in my toes...therefore; no feeling in my
toes....to make a long story short...I dropped a can of corn on my big toe
Monday, didn't know that it had injured the toe until Tuesday morning...no
pain, so not realizing that it was anything but a bruise, I went shopping
all day.  Having 2nd. thoughts I stopped by my Podiatrist and she informed
me that I have not only a bruise, but cellulitis...I am now on antiobiotics
and am supposed to keep the foot elevated.  being a single mom, this is most
difficult to remain immobile.  My question is...Has anyone else had such an
injury and what was the outcome...how long does it take the injury to heal
and how long do I stay off the foot?  She wrapped the toe and told me to
leave the bandage on for 2 weeks...should't it be left unwrapped so that I
can tell by viewing the toe, as to whether it is healing, since I have no
feeling????  Thanks for any/all your comments and replies.
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