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[IP] Employment 2

I was wondering how other people handle this. 

Last year I had an interview for a job. This was way
before I'd ever considered a pump. In the interview I
told them I was diabetic and would need to take short
breaks. The job was at a library. The interviewees
said no problem, but I sensed something from them when
I told them I was diabetic. Maybe I'm imagining it. I
just wanted them to know up front that I would require
those 5-10 minute breaks sometimes. I was on HumulinN
at the time. I didn't get the job. I don't think that
was the reason,but made me reconsider my openess about
my diabetes at my next job interview.

What's the opinion here?
Do you tell your prospective employer right up front?
Do you wait to see if you get the job, then later let
them know?
It's not like we're required to tell them anything

Personally, now that I'm on a pump, I'm not going to
mention it in the interview.


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