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[IP] Employment

I am an elementary substitute teacher right now,
hoping for a full time position eventually. 

I've been pumping for 6 weeks now. At this point, I
don't carry extra supplies because of all the other
"stuff" I have to carry with me. I do keep glucose
tabs just about everywhere, car, school bag, purse,
etc. I think I've got one of those little vials just
about everywhere. 

I also don't test my bg's when I'm working because,
basically, I don't have time during the day. If and
when I ever get my own classroom, I will have a place
for supplies. School days run from 8 to 3pm, so I
figure, if something does happen, as far as high's go,
I will have time to correct it when I get home. At one
school, I am only 10 minutes from home, another, 15
minutes, and the other 20 minutes. So far, eveything
is working out great.

Before the pump, I wouldn't be able to go all morning,
until lunch, or all afternoon, after lunch, without
grabbing a snack. The other day, around 5pm, I
remembered I hadn't eaten a thing since 11:30am! I
could have NEVER done that before the pump.

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