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   You didn't mention which pump Eileen is using, BUT I received an e-mail
from a mom whose daughter has been pumping for 3 yrs & had never had a
problem. This past week, she too had numbers like Eileen's ( even worse!) &
(cutting & pasting here) the mom did an overnight check of her bgs:
   "11:30pm (81)  1:30am (162)  4am (320) 7am(377)...We sat down and said "we
have to change the basals for tonight, what are they now" and she looks at
the pump and says, "Oh my gosh, all of my basals are gone!! When I was at the
concert on Sunday my pump went off with some weird error message and then the
light went out. After 5 minutes I pushed it and the light went back on to set
up mode so I pushed set up. It must have lost all the basals" No basals ALL
WEEK !!! "
    And since this discovery was made on Sunday night when both the CDE &
doctor weren't accessible, the mom had NO IDEA what the basals should have
been! It's been said before, but bears repeating: WRITE DOWN THE BASALS!!!!
   What was particularly disconcerting to me though was that this was NOT one
of the 507c or 508 versions that we'd previously heard about having
electro-static discharge problems wiping out the basals. This is not Mimimed
bashing ( Melissa's been using MM since March '96 & we're
stockholders...hmmm..that could be cause for bashing!! LOL)......but rather a
reminder to add CHECK BASALS to the top of the "trouble shooting list" before
changing sets, sites, insulin on a daily basis in search of a solution!
   Hope you figure out a solution to Eileen's weird bgs. As someone once told
me, there are about a hundred different explanations for why bgs go awry, so
you still have lots of unexplored territory!!
Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
p.s. and yes, I am sending that other e-mail to my Minimed contacts
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