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RE: [IP] Fast take vs one touch

All OneTouch strips I use are PLASMA CALIBRATED. I think they are doing that
for years.


>Subject: [IP] Fast take vs one touch

My daughter has been on the pump since April and has used the One Touch test

meter  till this weekend. She has decided to try the Fasttake (change comes 
slow to us.) My ? is, if the Fasttake reads blood plasma and gives a higher 
reading than the one touch is there any reason to change basals and boluses 
to get a better reading with the fastake. I realize it is only a 12% 
difference, but also, is there any reason to be wary of lows due to 
correcting a blood sugar that may seem a little high when testing with the 
Fasttake  but would not have been high enough to make a change when testing 
with the One Touch? 
I hope I make sense! I don't mean to Knitpick....but I am curious about
                  Laurie,  mom to 11 yr old pumper <
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