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Hello List

Now, I4m really desperate. In the last 3 or 4 days, Eileen has gotten very 
high bg4s (480-500) on different occasions. She could spend the whole day 
within the normal range and then, 480! No particular pattern. First 2 times 
thought it was the set and changed it, thinking she wasn4t absorbing well. I 
read in Pumping Insulin that when you have bg4s of over 300, the most 
probable cause is that the person isnt getting insulin. Today, pre-breakfast 
bg was 480!. Have corrected and didn4t send her to school.  Will check again 
in 2 hrs. to see whats happened. Last Wedenesday had to pick her up at lunch 
time with bg of 500. She really is missing a lot of school.

<My question is (I4m new at this) can these high4s be caused by a low basal 
rate? Maybe she4s grown and gained weight and her basals have to be 
adjusted. Her Doc. is from out of town, so I don4t have much help. I will 
check her basal rates to see whats happening, but I4m really worried. By the 
way, I have been alternating between Micros and Sils, so I don4t thing the 
sets are the problem.


Mom to Eileen, pumping 7/00

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