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[IP] Re: Hanukkah wish list

Sharon writes

<< The book is on my Hanukkah list! I was just wondering since my educator
 gives me all kinds of books to read and the fact that she's probably raking
 in the money from treating patients like me with good insurance while at the
 same time representing 3 different insulin pump companies,...maybe she will
 give me one as a "present." I don't dare to ask. >>

Sharon - There are a ton of books for people with diabetes out there and 
hopefully your CDE is looking at your needs/interests/level of learning 
rather than her pocketbook (though the reps can be very persuasive and 
persistent) Walsh's book (make sure you get the 3rd Edition - it uses Humalog 
examples as its base) is a little under $25 mailed direct to you.  If she 
doesn't have a freebie, you can get it thru Amazon, John Walsh's website or 
by writing Torrey Pines Press 1030 West Upas St, San Diego, CA 92103-3821 
(phone 619 497-0900).  Book's called Pumping Insulin by John Walsh and Ruth 
Roberts.  Happy pumping.  Jill T
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