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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #638

Suzie wrote:

>>We are suppose to be making our decision on what pump to use this week. We
were kind of leaning towards the Disetronic d-tron because of the waterproof
feature. Now I read where Mini-med will be the first to offer implantable
pumps. Does anyone know how far off that will be, and should this consider
into our decision? Any comments on your likes or dislikes of your pump would
be appreciated. My son is 14. Thanks in advance.<<

>From what I have heard, the implantable pump is several years from approval
here in the US. I have also spoken to my pump endo about the possibility of
using it when available, but he was totally against it as he felt the
infection risks far outweighed the possible benefits. I am currently using the
MM507C and have been very happy with it, but as you said it is not waterproof
and depending on your son's needs this may be an important consideration. Good
luck and keep in touch, any of the available pumps will almost certainly
change his life for the better (some would say it almost makes them feel
"normal" again!).

Todd Merkle
dx'd 81, pumper 9/98
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