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[IP] Places of employment

I am one of the official nerds on the list.

I currently (last six years) work for Information Builders (the guys who
write and sell FOCUS) and have worked for a number of different IT firms,
starting with Burroughs (which became Unisys while I was there).

My coworkers think the pump is pretty neat though over the years a few have
offered to 'upgrade it' for me (by taking it apart and adding hardware).
I've never taken up one of these offers (never sure if I would get back a
working pump) but have gotten a few interesting ideas this way.

I remember at Unisys one the managers yelling at me for carrying around a
walkman all the time and listening to it incessantly.  He told me I should
be laid off because company policy was not to allow them on premises.

Yerachmiel (I program better than I speak) Altman

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