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Re: [IP] Diestronic specific questions (starting on my own)

> Finally got time to start the materials on the H-Tronplus I have. 
> I still can't figure out some things and I am disppointed in the lack
> of some features.  As in it won't seem to allow me to set the time for
> the incresed or decreased basals.  The decreased basal only runs for 4
> hours. That means after heavy exercise i have to wake up the next
> night (if I can) and set it again!  Also no square wave feature.

You can have the time for increased/decreased basals changed 
using the D-modem.   I had my increased basal reset to 4 hours so 
that I can mimic the square wave.
> 1.  Does the H-Trtonplus allow bolus dosage to be set to the tenth of
> a unit? 

Yes, when programmed that way.  See answer above.

2.  Is there a way (other than manually changing the permanent
> basal rates) to temp. reduce the basal rate for more than 4 hours? 

The "permanent basal rates" are not permanent. See answer above.

3.  Does this do a square wave or not? 

Mimics it.

4.  The manual says ot not use in
> saunas or hot tubs.  yet many  of you have refered to doing this.  I
> am well aware of the temperature requirements of insulin and outside
> of this cavet; can I use this in a sauna?  Although it's been two
> years since my last sauna I would hope that one wasn't my last.

Only with the caveat, heat affects insulin and it affects absorption.

> 5.  The manual keeps saying "refer to the instructions that came with
> your sets" and no instructions came with mine.  Do you get
> instructions?  Are ther any I can d/l?

Which sets?   The Tenders come with a set of instructions.  The 
Rapids don't really require any (insert needle in body), same with 
the Classics.

> 6. Also the manual mentions about setting up the cog wheel thing on
> the piston rod and no pictures!   Geeze!  I think i know what the text
> means but I'd feel better seeing pictures.

A picture is worth a thousand words?  Let me know and I can email 
you some.

> Just feeling a little overwhelmed.  Gotta get back on schedule to have
> this working by Wed at the latest.  Sincere thanks in advance ot all
> who respond.

Why Wed. at the latest?  Are you on Disetronics Power of Choice 
program?   It sounds like you should be.  You might be happier 
with the D-tron rather than the H-tron if you want all those features.

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