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Re: [IP] Diestronic specific questions (starting on my own)

>1.  Does the H-Trtonplus allow bolus dosage to be set to the tenth of a unit?

yes  but you must ask for the settings to be changed by a rep or their main 
office.  they are set at .5 units by default.

>3.  Does this do a square wave or not?

the H-Tron does not have a Square Wave..  the New D-TRon will have several 
bolusing options

>5.  The manual keeps saying "refer to the instructions that came with your
>sets" and no instructions came with mine.  Do you get instructions?  Are
>ther any I can d/l?

they do have instructions with the sets that say how to insert them and 
such.  I never use them because there are better ways for "me" to insert 
them..  you will find out which works best for you.

>6. Also the manual mentions about setting up the cog wheel thing on the
>piston rod and no pictures!   Geeze!  I think i know what the text means
>but I'd feel better seeing pictures.

hmm  it really looks like a cog wheel.  not sure what else to say to 
describe it, just that when you see it you will know it.  sorry

Brian Carter
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