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[IP] Diestronic specific questions (starting on my own)


Finally got time to start the materials on the H-Tronplus I have.  Due to
work requirements I have only a few days to learn it and get it
operational.  Spent five hours today playing with it and reading the
manual.  Now to remember!  Tomorrow I should get thru the reference manual
and get a start on "Pumping Insulin".

NOte:  I ahve been following IP for over four years now.

I still can't figure out some things and I am disppointed in the lack of
some features.  As in it won't seem to allow me to set the time for the
incresed or decreased basals.  The decreased basal only runs for 4 hours.
That means after heavy exercise i have to wake up the next night (if I can)
and set it again!  Also no square wave feature.


1.  Does the H-Trtonplus allow bolus dosage to be set to the tenth of a unit?
2.  Is there a way (other than manually changing the permanent basal rates)
to temp. reduce the basal rate for more than 4 hours?
3.  Does this do a square wave or not?
4.  The manual says ot not use in saunas or hot tubs.  yet many  of you
have refered to doing this.  I am well aware of the temperature
requirements of insulin and outside of this cavet; can I use this in a
sauna?  Although it's been two years since my last sauna I would hope that
one wasn't my last.

5.  The manual keeps saying "refer to the instructions that came with your
sets" and no instructions came with mine.  Do you get instructions?  Are
ther any I can d/l?

6. Also the manual mentions about setting up the cog wheel thing on the
piston rod and no pictures!   Geeze!  I think i know what the text means
but I'd feel better seeing pictures.

Just feeling a little overwhelmed.  Gotta get back on schedule to have this
working by Wed at the latest.  Sincere thanks in advance ot all who respond.

Type I since 1973 at age 9.  Last 6 years on intensive MDI and no endos who
live past the 1970's DM wise.

Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
The Pioneer 10 space probe is now 11.5 billion kilometres from the Sun.
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