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[IP] Broken Tubing

Well, today is 3 years of pumping for me.  I had my first major set/tubing 
problem.  A few minutes ago I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth before 
bed.  I was looking in the mirror and noticed something hanging from my 
jeans.  I looked thinking my pump fell out of my pocket.  What had really 
happened was that my tubing broke.  It broke at the disconnect on my sof set 
QR at the part of the set that remains when I disconnect.  I flipped.  When I 
took my set out I also noticed that the set had blood in it.  So I check and 
am 400!    That would explain why I have been so hungry and thirsty the past 
few hours.  Just wondering if there is anyway to tell how long the set had 
been that way and how long I went without insulin?  I took a correction bolus 
and am going to drink so I can see if ketones are present..I hope they are 
not.  I am also wondering if this is something I did or if it is just a bad 
set?  Any help would be great.  Thanks so much.

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